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"SHIT!" Raelyn hissed under her breath as she was trying to do up the buttons of her too tight shirt. She really did it this time. She should've known. Should've known that she couldn't trust that bastard. She should've just left and gone to a proper healer. She should've never have listened to him.
After tracking a pack of werewolves for about a week, she finally tracked them down; just to have one of those stupid overgrown muts claw her in the stomach. She was just about to get eaten by one of the hairy beasties when out of nowhere a bright light came ,and then it was on the ground, smouldering. She passed out at that stage.

When she woke up, she was in a poorly furnished room which seemed to be located in an abandoned warehouse. Oh this is just great, she thought.  She was lying on a dirty, lumpy mattress and her insides felt like they were going to fall out. Then a man appeared scrawny, ugly and wearing a tattered robe. He was the one who saved her, and also a mage. She was still very weak and he said she should stay for a day or so to heal. He seemed nice enough and besides, she would probably not get very far with her wound. So foolishly, she stayed, thinking she could trust a fellow mage. She was fairly certain he put something in whatever the hell he was giving her to drink because in normal circumstances she would been out of there the moment he turned his back. Then two days later she looked out the window finding him talking to a Templar, pointing in this direction and in return receiving a small bag, grinning wickedly.
He's a bloody mage. He shouldn't be selling out his own! Raelyn thought as she was hopping around trying to get her trousers on.
Dammit! She really needs to lie off on the sugar cakes.
She judged she had about 3 minutes before the group of Templars would burst in and arrest, if not kill her the moment they see her. There were about 10 of them.
A lot more than they would send after normal mages.
"Shitshitshitshit!!" She pulled on her last boot and grabbed her already packed shoulder bag. There were a few things missing, she made a mental note to come back and find that little weasel of a mage and ask him "nicely" if he knew anything about where they were.
She heard clinking armour and heavy footsteps coming from outside. She whistled to Thor and he followed her to the window.
"CRAP".  There was no way down. She heard muttering outside the door and ran to one side of the wall. It was made out of solid wood, so she shattered it with the spell Stonefist. They were yelling now, breaking down the door, just as she grabbed her staff and started running.

She was on the roofs now, running and jumping along the individual buildings, the Templars chasing her all the while. That armour of theirs really was helping to slow them down. Though her staff was slowing her. Oversized stick, they need to make miniature versions of these things, she thought as she climbed down one building. She ran even faster now, her lungs burning, not to mention her bloody stomach.
She ran out of the town and saw the great Frostback Mountains that led to Orzammar.
If she could get there fast enough, the Templars can't touch her. She ran straight towards it, Thor following. She ran as far as she could, until she felt as though she would pass out. She wasn't anywhere near the entrance, and the Templars were gaining, with a few of their companions who had joined the hunt. Then Raelyn saw a cave entrance, a tunnel that led down into the mountains. She jogged up to it. She could hear the Templars coming closer. It most probably led straight into The Deep Roads.
… Spiders…
"I'm such an idiot", Raelyn said to herself. She was walking along one of the vast halls of the ancient Deep Roads, Thor trotting alongside her, his tongue wagging. She had run through the tunnel and tried to find a place to hide until the Templars passed, but that idea backfired as soon as she took too many turns. Now she's as lost as ever. Dammit…Where in the name of the maker was she? She came to a split in the road. Left or right?
She decided to go right, following the sound of voices. Civilisation at last!
Hopefully they weren't hostile…
Then she heard yelling, swords and shields clashing and….growling?
Oh yeah, they're hostile, Raelyn thought with a heavy sigh. She was tired, thirsty and hungry, and now she probably had to sweet talk them into oblivion, if they listened and didn't try to kill her. Hopefully they have food…..and whiskey.
Suddenly out of nowhere an arrow shot past her face. Thor was barking like a mad dog and ran down the tunnel they were in.
"Thor! Get back here!" She ran after him and almost tripped over the body of what looked like a dead soldier.
"What the..?" She almost had no time to react as a Hurlock ran at her growling at slashing at her with its cruel looking sword. She jumped out of its way and set it on fire. When she looked up and took in the chaos before her. There were Darkspawn and soldiers everywhere. All of the soldiers were dead, except for two who were being surrounded by the remaining Darkspawn. Both light haired and young, one was a man with a pained expression and the other a woman with another Mabari by her side, determined to protect them both. Raelyn thought about sneaking away, this wasn't her fight after all. But they were only two and never stood a chance, and besides, Thor was in there somewhere, and she was not about to abandon him.
She took a deep breath and let the energy of her magic flood through her.

It didn't take long for her clear out the Darkspawn. The man had passed out but the woman continued to fight, making sure none of the fiends got near him. Raelyn was quite impressed with the woman. She seemed slim and small but fought like a truly skilled warrior.
There was just one thing left, an ogre. It was running straight for the woman, who was on the ground, trying to reach the fallen man. Without thinking, Raelyn ran to the creature, jumped, and stabbed the blade end of her staff right through its skull. She walked over to the pair, examining them. She didn't know much about healing but she should be able to help them. Her hand s started glowing green as she kneeled down next to them.

The man was the first one to wake up. He grumbled and complained, until he remembered she was a mage, and then he was on his feet, sword pointed at her throat.
"Well then… so much for 'thank you' ", she said without looking up. She was still busy trying to heal the woman, who sustained a nasty head wound.
"Get away from her apostate!" he warned with a slurry tongue.
"Oh please, if I was going to harm either one of you, don't you think I would've done that instead of healing you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. The man lowered his sword and sat back down with the other Mabari sitting next to him, though he still did not look convinced. He watched her like a hawk until the woman finally woke up.
"Oh my love!" the man exclaimed as he took the woman into his arms.
"You're alive", she whispered hoarsely. The Mabari was constantly licking her face.
Raelyn was sweating and breathing hard when the woman looked at her, Thor whimpering worriedly next to her.
"You…saved us?" she asked.
"Hey, no trouble", Raelyn said, clutching her stomach. She was going to be sick any minute now.
"Apostate..." the man said between clenched teeth.
The woman sat up.
"It doesn't matter Alistair, she saved us, and that's good enough for me. My name is Kirriana", she said with a warm smile, shaking Raelyn's hand.  "And this is Alistair", she said pointing to the man next to her.
"Raelyn Amell. Hero of the day, escaped circle mage and, as you've recently found out, evil apostate", she said, smirking at Alistair.
"Well, I suppose you did help us. And at least Kirriana's safe. That's all that matters", he says, holding her. She hugs him tightly.
"Well this is all fine and well, and I'm really happy to have helped out, but I think it's best if I be on my way now", Raelyn said as she stood up, holding onto Thor for support. There were more soldiers coming, no doubt they'll recognise her since she's wanted just about everywhere, and they'll drag her back to the circle.
"Wait, hold on…"
"You're Majesties!" the Captain exclaimed.
You're Majesties? Oh crap…
"We came as soon as we heard. Dear maker, I can't believe they're all gone!" he said as he stared at all the dead soldier bodies. Raelyn was trying to hide her face from the soldiers, praying they wouldn't recognise her.
Please don't see me, please don't see me, pleasepleaseplease…
Suddenly there was a huge hand on her shoulder, spinning her around so that she's staring straight at a soldier.
"Hey Captain, it's that mage, the apostate that everybody's looking for!"
Raelyn almost electrocuted him when she heard Kirriana yell out from behind "No! Don't arrest her, she saved us!"
They were busy tying Raelyns hands behind her back. They were not being gentle.
"My Queen, she is an apostate and wanted blood mage…
"Blood mage!?" Raelyn interrupted. The Captain gave her a dirty look and continued.
"We cannot let her go. The law of the Chantry dictates. She must go back to the Circle and be made Tranquil.
Tranquil? Shit, she's really done it now.  
"We must --" He never finished, because Kirriana blurted out
"I hereby invoke the Right of Conscription on the mage Raelyn Amell. She will participate in the joining and will become a Grey Warden. "
Everybody's mouths were hanging open, even Raelyn. She struggled to even speak.
"Whoa, whoa  now hold on there for just a minute. A Grey Warden, are you serious? "Raelyn asked in astonishment.
"It's either that or the circle. Make a decision mage."
The harshness in her voice was surprising. The Queen isn't really giving her much choice. Hmmm…Certain death for both choices
Raelyn sighed heavily. "Ah sod it! Alright, your majesty, you win. I'll become a warden".
"No! No way! She's an apostate Kirriana, we can't trust her!" moaned Alistair.
"That's enough Alistair, I've made my decision. Guards, release her."
"As you wish, my lady." The guard muttered curses under his breath as he undid her bindings.
"Sorry gentlemen, maybe another time" Raelyn said to the soldiers with a grin.
She whistled to Thor, who was playing with his new best friend, the other Mabari. They both came running over. She picked up her things, the soldiers giving her dirty looks the whole time.
She decided she'll walk with the queen.
"Thanks for that, my lady", she said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
"Oh you'll be fine. I saw you fight, you'll take part in the joining and be a warden in no time."
"Hmmm. It's the joining part that I'm worried about. I mean, Darkspawn blood, really? That can only taste bad."
They both started laughing.
"I think you'll be an excellent warden", said Kirriana.
"Ha! I don't think so, my lady. Following orders is not one of my strong points", Raelyn said with a grin.
"That's just it, my dear mage. You won't be following orders…You'll be giving them"
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